Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working 9 to 5!!?! :)

This post is for all my dear friends who used to envy my home based job…. And are now waiting for me to start nagging from going to a "real" office from 9 to 5!! My third week is about to end… and the good news for all of you… is that I'm enjoying it way more than I thought I would….. I now know that I'm the one who was supposed to envy you guys! For missing this office work for 4 whole years! Thinking I was blessed working at home!!

Working home based was good for a while… but hell it cannot be compared with working in an office….. Though I think there's allot more wasted time in an office… but that's what normal social interaction consumes… and it's not at all wasted… as it builds the right environment and team spirit… it's a whole new experience for me… and when I meet with colleagues, I feel like "That's real" and the picture and sound is clear… unlike my videoconferencing experiences!!

Yes Rula, I do sleep early, "Zay el Jaj"! so that I make sure I wake up very fresh to walk to the office…..

And this journey, is interesting…. I'm learning how to work with people around me talking!! Which is something unlikely for me…. As I usually need allot of concentration and silence to perform…. Because that's how I used to work for 4 years… alone in my room… with no disturbance!! So sometimes I sneak early in the office to enjoy an hour or half an hour of silence… or stay late to work after the office is less crowded and the possibility of enjoying a more silent productive atmosphere is higher…..

So that's just the very shallow comparison for my new transformation….. I'll have to say allot more if I didn’t have my name on this blog….
Would you remind me, which one of you suggested I stop blogging Anonymously?

Long story short: I'm enjoying a REAL experience….

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Youth Action Fund - OSI

I think this is a grant for social projects that is worth considering.... I'm sure we all have zillion of ideas to benefit our community that we wish we can fund! you can apply online https://oas.soros.org/oas/


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Forgot

It's been long since we last talked
I forgot were the story stopped
I remember I stopped giving excuses
For the apologies I never heard
I remember I decided to forget
All the good moments
Those were only in my head
I forgot what was last said
Maybe you said take care
And I said see you soon
And you were right
And I was mistaken
As usual
You were right
As usual
I saw light
It's been so so long
I forgot how the story stopped
Have I forgotten what I should remember?
If I see you
Should I smile
Or Should I be mad
It's been so long
And I forgot
Forgot how the story stopped