Friday, June 12, 2009

Take me home

Take me home
Where I can take love for granted
Where I can feel your breath so close
Yet always know I can breathe alone

Take me home
Where I can think of nothing
Where I can lie down and worry about nothing…
Where I can be careless

Take me home
Where the light is not too bright
Where I don’t have to make confessions
Where I don’t have to hide any secrets

Take me home
So that I don’t write letters of nostalgia
So that I don’t miss the sense of warm water
So that i dont miss the view of the sea

Take me home
Where I can smell familiar scents all the time
Where a familiar rhythm would touch my soul constantly
Where a warm hug would make me a child again
Where I can stare at the stars all night
Where I can taste the salty sea with pleasure

Take me home
Where I can hear our heart beat
Where I can run under the rain
Where I can play with the mud

Take me home
Where no time exists to own
Where no history exists to regret
Where only good memories persist
Where I can take passionate steps and never worry about my footprints

Take me home
Where I can be myself
Where I can follow my heart
Where I don’t have birthdays to revise my life on

Take me home
Let me be a dolphin
A mammal
An animal in the sea
Swimming with the flow of water

Take me home
Where nothing we feel is wrong

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