Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new Mapless Star :)

Some years ago, when I was graduating from School. we all decided to write our dreams on papers attach to balloons and make the balloons fly. I remember thinking for long and not being able to count my dreams nor accuratly know them. thus I wrote " Reaching the stars with an open heart of loving and Giving!!"' That was and still is my ever lasting dream. The stars for me resemble a whole world of dreams, ambitions, art , and a childhood game! . And they are always mapless, whatever we seek, has no destination or physical existence, its all in our brain and heart! Its mapless! It might seem lost for others, but for us its there and its so existential as if its the most real thing on earth, no matter how far that star is!!
What's so inspirational for me, is that finding what your real stars is, is actually a true bless. Few days ago I wake up thinking of how much I need a more challenging Job, a more inspirational career. Having that hard way of seeking the star was actually what made me feel blessed in my work for long. feeling challenged to accomplish the task. Learning something new, thinking throughout differently. Today I realize, i'm trying to hard outside my career in order to feel i'm contributing to the society, thinking, researching or learning something new. and often times i'm suffering to get my job done, not because its challenging but because i'm not inspired. I totally lost motivation!!!
But there is a greater motivation within me, looking for the change and for a new opportunity that will make me feel that my energy is utilized and not wasted!!!
I see this star very clearly, not sure of its destination, since it's still mapless! but i'm sure very soon i'll be able to catch it, just like i did with many other stars!!!


Anonymous said...

I remember that! I will never forget ... It was such an emotional and symbolic action for me as it obviously was for you too :)
Just wanted to say that even when you yourself are not inspired at the moment, I hope you know you are still inspiring others all the time... xxxxxxx's

Mapless said...

That's a very thoughtful comment that actually made my day. A very long tough day! Thanks :)