Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Action Committee- Ramadan Kareem

The active Action Committee are again planning for a great project, this time its Iftar and food packages!! If you want to contribute please hurry up so that food packages can reach people sooner in the month of Ramadan! It seems they are open to suggestions and ideas! if you have an idea or you think like me that certain areas are of more need than Amman and have less access for donations they are more than willing to help you do what you want to do!

I want to go south so probalby if more people are intersted in the idea, we can fill a big truck and go!
their package seems really good in terms of quantities that can sustain a family hoepfully for a month.
Ramadan food package is going to cost 20JDs and will contain:
3 kg Rice
3 kg Sugar
2 kg Beans
2 kg Lentils
6 Packs of Pasta
2 Cans Tomato Paste
1 kg Tea
2 A’mar Eldin
1 Oil
½ kg Dates
12 packs Maggie

they are also planning to help in organizing two iftars (16/09 & 24/09). If you are interested in helping out during these days please give them a call. The kind of help they will need during the Iftar's other than donations will be more of playing with kids and entetaining poor kids before and after Eftar! which is absolutely FUN to do! :)

If you wish to sponsor a family or help in volunteering in the two iftars, please give them a call. You can also join them during the distribution.
Sara 079 5154498
Ahmad 0797052348

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Thank you for support :)

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