Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Culture of Like and Follow

We are all celebrities … everyone is curious about our lives… they check our pictures… comment positively we like their comments… they comment back… everyone knows what’s on our minds as if it matters to any…. Our wall is just another gossip space , yet visible for all…

Any change in the relationship status gets featured in the top news updates… in gossip world it matters… so does it to the hundreds of strangers whom we nickname as “ friends” !

Event’s we’re attending matters… everyone knows where we’re going… We read and check too many irrelevant information and spam messages … it sucks our time… are we socializing?!

We get allot of attention on our new haircut , silly pictures, or lies…. From those we barely know.

We make the choice of being out there on that world…One free choice to drop all freedom afterwards! We have little control over our privacy after that first choice… Our personal pictures are tagged by others and thankfully we are notified of that! we have little control on what’s written on our walls!

Living part of that dilemma and listening to the timeless Fairuz (wek ya Haifa ) Ya’esh Ya’esh 2 play were back in the 1970 who’s watching who? was the question and still is!

Are we in a culture of acceptance which outcasts those who don’t follow or like anything? A culture were we’re all friends and there’s no enemies. We all like and there’s no dislike or hate or frustrate!

What are those outside the virtual network losing! Other than the noise, spam, freedom to like, the freedom to follow and add stranger!

Do we blog instead of sending a personal letter expressing our frustrations to someone who knows what we mean, someone we don’t need to censor the words when writing to… or is that person replaced with the 300 friends and 200 followers ! A great record yet at the end of a tough day do you have someone to have coffee with? Is that our social network??

Is tweeting an alternative to a private message we send to someone who truly cares about our random thought?

@yousefcisco Do social networks truly force social interactions away from the people you're with and towards the people away from you! Does it make us dislike people we know or like people we don't know?!

As usual…. I don’t have answers… just #questions! Hope that you would like and follow with comments ! :p

This post is dedicated to the 2 and only followers of this blog! who are real friends to have coffee with :)

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