Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! I have thanks to say!

While many are having turkey in some parts of the world! Or preparing it, I feel like doing few thanks myself!

Thanks for all the precious people around me for being who they are! real!
Thanks Allah for keeping me question the value of what I'm doing!
Thanks for Laith, my brother, for always being there!
Thanks for Sisters bonding
Thanks family for always being proud regardless of who I am!
Thankful for having a house I can only call home
Thx friends! Great friends!
Thx for my conscious for reminding me to apologize!
Thx for the questions which keeps me alive!
Thx for the stars which keeps my eyes shining upward!
Thx for apple for changing my lifestyle
Thx for twitter for keeping me in the loop of what's around!
Thx for my faith in my gut feeling
Thanks for Family
Thx for my everlasting appetite for food
Thx for the sun rays which sneak into my window to raise me up in the morning
Thx for people I take for granted
Thx dad for teaching me that paper is gold!
Thx mom for inventing recycling at home!
Thx for unconditional love that surrounds me
Thx for being free!
Thanks for being honest! Too honest!
Thanks for big decisions! To fly!
Thx for the view of the sea
Thx for longing to Palestine, it keeps me alive!
Thanks humans working on big causes!
Thx for a personal email from a long distance friend which makes me smile
Thanks for words! I love words!
Thx for great songs unconditionally!
Thx for hugs
Thx for my teddy bears
Thx for fatafeat for all the great recipes
Thx for Turkish soap operas dubbed in syrian, to help get work out of my brain after long days!
Thx Mirabelle for the great chocolate fondant & coffee
Thx for abundant jasmine scent in a walk in Amman
Thx for walks with great company!
Thx for the darwish sculpture in my room reminding me of clay passion and hobby I shouldn't ignore
Thx for the novels which took me to another world
Thx to jibran Khalil jibran
Thx to Suad massi
Thx to Fairuz
Thx to Nadine Othman's art work in my home
Thanks to abdulqader Bakhit art!
Thx to travel it energized me whenever I felt restless
Thx for ibn Arabi
Thx for edward said
Thanks Ahlam mostaganami for teaching us to love then to forget
Thanks for Faith in religion
Thanks to Good smelling shampoo
Thanks to Kitkat ,milka & white crunchie !
Thanks to Azza Fahmy for inventing a new concept for jewelry!
Thanks to External drives
Thanks Gaza for teaching patience
Thx for the cute child waving for me in the street
Thx for the dandelion which entered the room from the open window
Thanks for the warmth of the sun on my skin
Thanks for the smell of land after the first Rain
Thanks for Freshly cut fruits & vegetables from the garden
Thanks to Poetry
Thanks to Inspiring people
Thx for those who remind us of precious people
Thx for memories
Thx for keys
Thanks for genuine Smiles and pokes!!
Thanks for Chargers
Thanks for Creative salads
Family days
Ability to work out
Good jokes
Great questions
Familiar souls
Meeting deadlines when it seems impossible
A creative idea
Thanks for having time to reflect on what matters
Thx mom for feeding all the birds in Shmeisani
Thx Farah for driving instead of me when I hate it
Thx for the coincidence of seeing an old friend in the street
Thx for the feeling of water in my throat when I’m thirsty (with mazaher;))
Thx for the view of lightning
Thx for sa7lab
Thx optimism for staying around
Good movies
Thx for flipboard for too much information
Thx for dropbox for keeping my files accessible
Thx for free parking spots in busy time
Thx Mais for being continuously in love with something or someone
Thanks for a nice breeze at night
Thanks Safar for showing me another path
Thx for Amman old stairways & view
Thanks Allah for the sound of Athan and being able to hear it
Thanks for Good conversations
Thanks for silence when there are not enough words
Thanks for the paper found in the drawer or desk, with a sweet or funny note or old memory!
Thanks for pictures!
Thanks for great concerts!
Thanks for Rum music!
Thanks for morning writing! Which brought this up!
Thanks for reading this!


Doomish said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Azza Fahmy Jewellery team; Thank You!

God bless you :)

Shaden Fawaz
Senior PR Executive
Azza Fahmy Jewellery

abbas-hajahmad said...

Thank you for being so beautiful :) nis

Sabine Choucair / said...

waw... that's amazing :)