Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everything happens for a reason

Souls meet for a reason
Walks inspire stories
Steps craft steps
Talks drive walks
For a reason

Thoughts gather for a reason
Divine inspiration
Unplanned aspiration
Authentic escape of words
Running late
In a slightly humid rate

Walks happen for a reason
Overlooking the season
Wearing different colored hats
Passing jasmine bushes
Tunisian doors
Reading Familiar letters making unidentified words
Random Ideas and thoughts
Viewing silent boats
Water lights
Beneath an elegant sky
Giving the full moon an intimate good bye

Life happens for a reason
Life has an Intention
In creating every Convention
Forming Reflection

Abstract footsteps
Never intense
Yet Making Sense

Words slowing fast walks
To observe secrets of cycles
Footsteps witnessing reason
In a unique conversation
Souls do meet for a reason
Mapless walks
Leading to Destined talks
Everything happens for a reason
This poem is Dedicated to Laith Alqassem


Deena said...

mais ... whatever it is that has been inspiring you recently ... whether it's an experience or a feeling or an emotion ... make sure you hold on to it, and hold on tight.
Because the effect it has on your writing is magical.

nada said...

I couldn't agree more with you Deena. Mais, everything does happen for a reason. I guess 'FEELING' is your reason of the day.