Saturday, June 21, 2008

A question Murdered

A hesitant answer killed her question
Random murder
Hidden under a dreamy voice
Observed on another land
Words silenced other words
Words calmed words

In her heart
A childish feeling
She fails to explain
For one more time
Did her instinct betray her?
Or was it her pride
Do opposites really attract?
Was she the only one who dared to dream?

She's not grieving the question
We don’t grieve things we never owned
She feels no guilt for the crime
It's all words
Dotted words
That makes crimes
Destroy questions
Kidnap smiles

Yes lost
On another land
She took her shivering senses to sleep
She preferred to be senseless over sentimental
On this night

On a different ground
Full mooned starry night
Walking barefoot on warm sand
Yet fails to make her feel home
Facing waves that can change the world
Safe journies don't suit her
Playing games
Trying to put puzzles into place
On a new ground
Where people miss their unlived dreams

How can a question get killed
on such a beautiful night

She will still walk on the edges
She finds no challenge in comfort
She will create more puzzles to solve
More risk to take
More novels to live
More love to give
Even if more questions got killed!
She will find new reasons
To change the world

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Deena said...

u define what it means to live ... to truly live.