Friday, June 6, 2008


When I close my eyes
To make a wish
I imagine all the stars I wish I can catch
In the universe of my dreams
My senses merge with my aspirations
My ordinary wishes integrate with my rare wishes
Every time I close my eyes
My wish list starts and ends insisting with the same wish
A wish that shimmers more than its fellow wishes
A wish at that moment
Synchronizes in harmony with my heartbeat

I make wishes
That may come true in halves
In quarters
Wishes that makes me so light
I can fly
Wishes wrapped in hope
Delivered in insistence
Wishes wrapped in questions
Announced with hesitation
Wishes of my crazy mind
And passionate heart
wishes that makes me walk on the edges
Wishes that challenge me
keeps me Alive
Wishes that brings light

like us
have characters
Humble wishes
Wished in a crazy way
Common wishes
Wished in a customized way
Sane wishes
Funny wishes
Childish wishes
Luxurious wishes
Wishes we know
Wishes hidden between life angles
But we haven't met yet

Wishes like humans…
Have a birth date
Grow old….
Leave scars…

Wishes are like mothers
When they come true
They Give birth to another wish

Sometimes I close my eyes
To make a precious wish
Nothing but a grieving tear falls
Slips between my joyless eyelashes in pain
Only then I know
In the gloomy corners of my eyes
In the absence of real Light
That my favorite wish has died
That one of my special stars
no longer shines!
Wishes like humans


Anonymous said...

wishes are the energy we need to keep going ...They die in the body ..but in the soul world we are all stars and all wishes and all bliss...good morning mapless stars

Deena said...

"wishes ... leave scars"
The more I think about it the more I realize you are right ...
Too right.
So right it causes one to rethink inner thoughts I thought I had sorted.

Mapless said...

Deena... this is getting dangerous "rethink inner thoughts I thought I had sorted."! LOL! I find it interesting... how those wishes we reached & others which never saw light are the core formation of who we are... It reminds me of what a great chess player said once about how even the acts that a player doesnt take but thought of as options also count as part of the game. Life is a much smarter game... thus certainly all wishes count... Wishes are just a beautiful, interesting part of life... and their death... does leave scars

Deena said...

hehe that makes sense...
the way I understood it is that wishes that are 'still alive' can be burning scars as you are wishing them... maybe because they are not meant to be... maybe it is not their time or century ...
and in that sense, wishes can hurt as much as they inspire...
The question is, do wishes die on their own, or do we kill them? that is what i was trying to sort out :)

Mapless said...

True… making a wish can be painful… I don’t think we kill our wishes… but there are people who murder wishes intentionally or unintentionally.. there are circumstances, time, disappointments, or maybe new wishes kill old wishes…. I wouldn’t personally want to kill my wishes… … I might expand them… reinvent them… reword them… maybe… but non of my wishes deserve being killed…