Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rami Left the Hospital on a Wheal chair!

Reading this with the morning coffee doesn't make the day start smoothly! Rami, a 17 year old young man , who was part of the bus accident that took place five months ago, just left the hospital on a wheal chair!
The writer of the article Suhair Jaradat calls the bus, the death bus , which is a very accurate description on what that accident did! The accident not only killed Rami's friends, it also killed parts of his body, his dream, his opportunity to finish his Tawjehi and enroll at the university , the bus killed Rami's dependence on his legs, the bus kidnapped that families' happiness with Rami's first semester great Tawjehe results. Rami now can't walk, nothing in his body can move except his hands and head.
Though the death bus was able to kill all of the above, one thing it failed to kill, is the hope of Rami's father… Rami's father faith is something no bus was able to kill… he sold his share in the water tank he works on as a driver, and left to pursue medical treatment outside the country for his son who he hopes will be able to walk again…
While this article reminds me of a post Naseem wrote few months ago. Specially that Rami's parents were not paid any compensation for this accident. His majesty gave Rami a scholarship to study communications like he dreamt, but Rami now can't do that since he couldn’t attend the Tawjehi second semester exams, so that hope was killed or probably postponed too.
Nothing can be more painful than a dream's death! I thought maybe Hikmat institute can help Rami through his tough journey . I hope they have a plan to contribute in making Rami's journey easier in a way or another.

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Deena said...

a sad story indeed... but I still can't see what being on a wheel chair has to do with him not finishing the tawjihi? Except of course that he wasnt able to attend classes while in hospital... but he can sit for the exams in summer and start uni in january ...