Saturday, March 28, 2009

My awareness campaign!

It’s almost a year since I wrote allot of apologies…. And very weirdly I thought of rewriting that post on March 10th, the exact day I wrote it originally one year before…. I thought that many things have changed in my life, so when I returned to it, if found that it has been exactly a year and that was freaking weird to discover…. I was getting ready to travel, and my trip was a very busy one, I couldn’t get to write that post… here I am… waiting in JFK for my flight back… and I guess that’s the right time to rewrite that post… I’m returning with allot of new feelings… new thoughts of places and how to relate to them… a baggage filled with plans, dreams and aspirations… which I’m looking forward for …

Reading back my apologies felt like “That was Too Honest”! I guess I am on a totally different road now, I’m grateful I got my PMP, I’m grateful I followed my passion in my work, I’m grateful I learnt how to take time to just do nothing and enjoy having nothing as a priority on a weekend… I’m grateful that I’m almost done with my MBA, I’m so proud that what matters has differed to me, and that my priorities are clearer and that I spend my time doing something I believe in, with a place I can relate to and with real people… which is not necessary what others would feel important… so much has changed in a year, I’m certainly the same person, but I can see my soul reflected in my current life today more than any other day… I’m falling in love with this transformational phase… my priorities changed …and what matters to me now is not related to what used to matter previously…. It feels like a birthday post… I wonder if that post made it feel like a conscious accountability tool for me, or a motivator to do a real change… either way it has been very interesting and quick change in my life…. Not sure if I broke anyone’s heart! Not sure if I should apologize for that either… I know mine is almost healed and will soon be ready to fall again….


Deena said...

Your appologies were very honest. but they were not 'too honest', becase their nakedness seemed to speak to me on a very personal level. Even if the narratives they related were not the same, the emotion was human, at its purest form.
So this is a very different article from the first, but I can not but agree with you that your life this year really has been a continuous metamorphis. And the dose of hope and excitement evident in ur words was very comforting. So best of luck, and i hope another refclection is due on march 16th 2010 :)

Kylie Wilson said...

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