Monday, January 14, 2008


It never stopped astonishing me this facebook phenomena. As much as I'm excited to start blogging, I'm surprising my own self in having my first post entitled facebook. Regardless of all the publicity of the private information on this website and how quickly and easily the most secretive and private information are circulated and spread . What amazes me truly, is how much you miss by not checking your facebook!! Not being a big fan of technology myself, and ending a working day not wanting to check any site or read any screen printed note. Days pass by and I don’t really check my facebook. On public holidays, I can live without turning the power of my laptop or TV on! (I can be that uncivilized! J)I tend to forget that facebook is the most used social tool, for invitations, socializing, getting important messages, and knowing about important events taking place in this country. I remember on the last school graduates reunion, I met one of my old school friends, who I'm not really in touch with. And she's a very sweet excited type of girl, she was like " Mais , god where have you been? Where are you? It's been so long, don't you have a facebook?!!!" off course, I was so shocked of the sweet gesture of missing me ( on facebook!). certainly , what makes me question this phenomena more, is getting these messages saying let's go for lunch this Thursday or being blamed for not saying good bye to someone who left the country, though he or she posted his travel time on facebook!! Interesting isn't it?! All human civilization, created transportation, mail, phones, mobiles, sms, emails, iphones (I have to include that:)) to make people closer to each other, and yet we are moving apart comparatively with how close and sincere relations were when the only communication tool was an honest soul communicating face to face or body to body.


Not_Lupus said...

Hey, insightfull, i dont think i would have done better myself. keep it up :) you just single handedly changed my mind about blogging. Im starting as soon as im done ;) Keep it up

MediaAnalyst said...

Congratulations on your first post ... an extremely thought provoking one too! The part about people expecting you to know they are leaving just because they posted their travel details on facebook really got me thinking ... it's like facebook not only allows you access into people's private lives, but also, people start expecting you to get curious about their lives and check their profiles frequently, and if you don't do so and know what they are up to they get offended! ... Ironic!
Looking forward to your next post! :)

Anonymous said...

i like your ideas about facebook but at the same time ,facebook is one of a successful idea for ppl 2 communicating 2gether, but ppl are misusing it , since they get curious to know more about each other (private lives) not communicating!!
keep it up!!!

roze said...

Actually I found out that my best friend had a huge accident on Facebook! Ppl really expect you to check on their lives on Facebook...
Guess what! I don't care about reading the other's stories and updates.
I used to log in from work on Facebook, and since I have no work at all some days, I had the time to check on my friends' updates and pics. But now I don't have access and I really wouldn't consider logging in when I get home... I just want to stay in bed or watch something stupid on TV or spend more time with my friends.
But on the other hand, I add things that I want ppl to know about me. So I guess that those who complain about their privacy being "violated” wanted their lives to be exposed to others.