Thursday, January 17, 2008


There was something attractive about this effortless man. A man with humble plain clothes, button less , colorless linen shirt, and an artistic looking hair. The way he walks is so free of complications and sophistication. He carries no image but the image of himself, a HUMAN. He was standing near the table, grabbed a cookie, so I thought of handing him a plate, so I did. And he refused saying " Thanks I'm not that civilized!" and I never knew, such a statement about a man would turn my alarm bills on, by just calling himself UNCIVILIZED! Having witnessed 22 summers of my life , I do find it such an interesting part of my journey , attraction to the uncivilized. I always thought that my perfect image of a man is a handsome guy, dressed in a suit, walking in straight lines, shaved, with short fixed hair. And the guy in the suit comes and leaves and I don’t even turn my face. Or to be accurate when I did turn it, I regretted it! This uncivilized man, comes from nowhere, heading to nowhere, as if he owns all the freedom in the world by being un-civilized. He passes and totally grabs my attention to a human characteristic I'm totally drawn to. By knowing who he is, he made me realize allot about my own self. I was always attracted to two main divine worlds and wished I can try to breathe there for few summers. Those two worlds were Wadi Rum, and off course Menia in Egypt ( Elsa3eed)! I always knew I'm attracted to this untouched nature, this truthfulness in earth. But knowing that un-civilization is what draws me magnetized in humans as well is something interesting! Recalling that incident makes me really embarrassed, I wish there was a camera that took a shot of me when this man said that he's not that civilized. I remember I stared!! But I wonder how I stared!! Lol!!


Not_Lupus said...

How come you never offered me any cookies? :) Keep it up girl, Looking forward to your next one

Deena said...

hahahahhahaha loved it ...!
I guess being civilised is 'safe' .... so the 'uncivilised' are also those willing to cross all limits set by man :)

rula said...

love it Mais :)

Mapless said...

Well, Helmi maybe you're too civilized to be offered anything!! lol! walak I offered him a plate not a cookie! He's not that civilized but he's open minded, he eats cookies,without a plate!!
Exactly Deedee, who wants to be with a sane person anyway!! lol! not me! Thanks everyone,hugs!