Wednesday, January 30, 2008


She enters a tree room, where the energy is so full of questions, concerns and rich content. Lost between big words and high values, she questions her knowledge, beliefs and ideas. And here she goes, a great inspiration by Munir Fasheh, he suggests the value of stories in creating, inheriting, learning and remembering knowledge. A concept that totally attracts her. In a room lit by the view of the old city and the enlightenment of the audience. She decides to start posting her stories. And here she is While searching for the missing content found what could be missing from her journey's documentation, Hakaya as Munir says. While thinking of the idea, endless flashbacks started bombing in her little head, stories that probably formed her as a person, some added to her characteristics and others which could have helped in not emerging certain traits ; childhood stories, inspirational occasions, and love stories. She suddenly finds out she has endless stories to talk about. Being a person who is always in love, with someone, some place or idea. She has endless love stories to speak of….....

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