Monday, January 21, 2008

Mornings....... Days...

While waking up in the morning is the toughest part for me. I'm finally awake with enough coffee in my system. I do mornings only when they are customized for me. The first 2 hours of waking up I prefer complete silence, and I don’t usually speak any word except good morning. The only sound I can bare in the morning is the sound of the coffee machine, coz I need it. but at the end of the day, I live with early risers, my parents wake up around 5 or 6, so by the time its 9 (my wake up time) they had all the silence they needed and are ready to discuss politics!! Some of my work colleagues are early risers too, and they can easily start a hot work conversation call as early as 8:30 or 9!! Which I usually miss and call back when I'm capable of talking, unless it’s a sensitive phase of work with urgent news. Actually sometimes I feel they do this intentionally since I'm so peaceful in the morning and things can go as they wish when I'm that sleepy and barely saying anything other than yes, ok, we'll see, I'll call you later. And whenever I'm asked if I'm sleeping, I always deny it!! No I'm not go ahead!!
It's been such a long week already, though the week hasn't started yet! Often times you feel ready to end your week on a Monday. Today is one of those days. I don’t mind getting a weekend tomorrow. My last Friday and Saturday together weren't a package I could name weekend! But at the end of the day, who cares what I count them, as far as those of authority already counted them as weekends! Every day of the week has special rituals. Friday is the lazy day, I hardly move my body, I spend it sleeping, barely reading, barely watching TV. And Saturday is the day of service and overbooking myself. Whoever wants to see me or needs my help in anything, I say Saturday I'm free. Off course, from over booking Saturday I end up with 4 or 5 promises. one of which the person forgets to start with, 2 contradicts each other in timing so I end up doing 2 things or 3 and spend the day in the roads driving from place to place. The day ends while I'm literally exhausted, and 2 people are mad for not seeing me or me not being able to do what they wished like going shopping with them or spending time with them ( this usually includes my mother as one of them). So end of Saturday while I'm on bed, ready to sleep and end a LOOONNGG day, I go over my day in my mind, and I feel that at the end of the day I haven't' pleased anyone as much as they wanted, and yet I have not done anything special for my own self through the day! So I promise Mais to do something special next Saturday for myself. Like Go for a walk with one of my friends in a neighborhood I like, since for me there exists something very special about sharing a walk with someone! It’s incredible how countless are the things you can know about one person from just a walk! What they notice, what they don’t! Does the environment around them and elements they see triggers them to criticize or laugh! Are they hard or easy to please! Or I promise myself to go to the spa or something. Being someone who can hardly break a promise to people but can easily do it to myself. My Saturday s are still the same, though special things can happen by an emotional explosion accident through the week!! J


Nazgyl said...

Saturdays should be yours only.
since im good in web stuff
i can create for you a calendar for Saturdays, and people book online, and u end serving them up on first come first served basis

and since we are in that topic, i would like to be the first one to book you on saturday:

Name : Nazgyl
Email : nazgyl at google email .com
Date: Next saturday
Duration: 12 hours
Start Time : 12PM
End time : 12AM
Location: to be decided later

there... booked

mapless said...

Lol! this Saturday is already booked, i'm attending the missing content Forum!Plz go ahead with the calendar, and make sure to give me approval authority on bookings!! Yours is declined for the time being!

Deena said...

i loved the part about walks! i love taking long walks, but i never thought about it like u described it ... it made me realise so much!!!

RoZe said...

Well, i guess you're right Mais..
I’d rather work on the weekend than rushing from place to place to do all the things i planned for on Saturday...
even if I planned a fun event like a movie night or board game night, I spend all Friday and half of Saturday cleaning and calling ppl to confirm, not to mention the surprises that may arise all of the sudden... I spend all week waiting for the weekend, but all I feel is that I sleep Thursday night and wake up on Sunday... Friday and Saturday don’t exist on my calendar :D